Are You Overpaying Your Lawyer? Here are Tricks that They Do to Trick You

For those who have no background in the legal or accounting department, it’s hard to estimate the right fee you should pay for your lawyer. While all law firms submit to the same payment system, the billing will depend on how complicated the case is and how prestigious the lawyer and the firm are. Most of the time, it’s hard to determine whether you’re actually paying for the right amount or if they’re charging you too much already.

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According to the California State Bar, most lawyers inflate their bills up to 10% to 30%. This fraud usually goes unnoticed, especially since clients can’t get any evidence to prove the overbilling. Moreover, the desperate ones are only too willing to ask help from lawyers and pay any amount of money in order to acquit themselves of any crime. This issue is still under investigation, and so far no answer has come up.

To help raise awareness, here are some of the tricks most lawyers pull off to cheat their clients.

  1. Padding

About two-thirds of lawyers admit that they have tried bill padding. Padding hours is when a lawyer announces that he has worked for two hours when he actually only worked for one hour. In other words, he gets paid for doing nothing or performing unnecessary work. This happens when you opt to pay a time-based billing.

What lawyers usually do is that they behind until all the other lawyers go home, then escape from the office soon after. Since no one is there to claim that he is or he is not working in the night, he can simply declare that he is and no one would argue.

  1. Double billing

Double billing is when a lawyer bills for two clients for the same hour’s work. In the Samford University’s Cumberland Law School 2007 survey, more a third of American lawyers admit that they sometimes double bill their clients. What’s more alarming is that only 51.8% of attorneys believe that the act is unethical.

The practice is already condemned by the American Bar Association, but some lawyers still continue to do so. It seems ironic that they use their knowledge of the law to cheat clients and the system.

  1. Incorrect expense reports

Another way a lawyer can increase the billing is through manipulating their expense reports. They can say that they bought a first-class airplane ticket to meet you when they actually just bought economy. Hotels, meals, and other travel expenses can easily be tweaked, so it’s hard to notice if you’re already being cheated. Make sure that you ask for receipts in order to avoid this.

  1. Overhead

If you’re not careful, you might be paying for your lawyer’s overhead expenses, too. There are instances when attorneys put their taxi rides, air conditioning fee, plane tickets, etc. to the billing in the hopes that the client won’t notice. After all, how can one notice a few hundreds of bucks added to a million dollar fee?


The stated tricks are considered illegal and unethical; however, that does not stop some lawyers to still practice them. If you want to contact a legal professional with good work ethics, then you have to be vigilant and only go to reliable law firms.

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How to Make a Perfect Business Card


A business card is a very essential item for business people. It is very important to have a business card on you. A business card has all the vital and necessary information that is needed about you. It is easy to hand out a business card then to write down your contact number or the address of your office on a piece of paper. A business card has a better personality impact on your client too. Business cards also seem a very professional way of handing out information to your customers or clients.

Making a business card is sounds easy. Just fill out your name, address and contact number, that’s it. Well it might not be as simple as it seems. Making a business card by yourself can be a hard task if you’re not experienced enough. But who says you have to do it yourself?

Well yes. Some people consider designing and customizing their products and are not always satisfied by the service providers. But that is why is at your service. You can easily customize your business card and place an order. You will have the product as soon as possible and it would be just as you thought it would have been.

Making a Business Card on

Making a business card on this website is a piece of cake. You can select from a vast number of templates that have been provided or you can just design the card yourself. Below are the customizing options that are provided by the website.


First of all, you have to select the size of the business card that you have to make. The standard size of a business card is 2”x3.5”.


Next you have to select the type of paper that you want to use. You can choose between 14pt cover coated with gloss and with the finishing of UV gloss, another premium 14 points premium cover without coating, matte finished cover of 16 points in dull shade or the Recycled 100lb cover of dull shade and with matte finishing.


The color of the card can be chosen as you will. 55 printalso gives you an option to choose between coloring both sides or one side of the card.

UV Protection

UV high class coat is included on the front of all cards. You can choose to add this feature on the back of the card too.


The shape of a standard card has sharp corners. You can select the card to have rounded corners

A business card has a lot of importance. You can customize your business card in all these ways and have the card that suits your business and your personality. The business card represents you. So it should be just as special as you are. You can order the business card by placing a regular order and get it in a few working days or you can place an urgent order and have it on the day that you placed the order. You can order up to 100,000 cards at a time.


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Make right decision to find ultimate family mediation service UK

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You have to ensure of finding the right family mediation service UK that would lead to find yourself glad of yourself. You would be able to enjoy the best services without any worry at all.

Are you finding a lot of problem with the conflicts with your spouse? If you wish to get it solved in the right manner then finding a very good service provider would help you to get maximum satisfaction. Well it may take some time to get the best family mediation but you have to make sure of finding the right one. The best thing that you need to do is to find the one that would not let you spend a whole lot of money. So you have to make sure of finding the right one that would feel yourself right for the very best choice which you have been able to make for yourself. It is only when you are able to find a reputed one that would be really helpful.

You need to make good amount of research to make sure if you can verify their reviews for the type of services provided by them. This would help you a lot to get the right one thereby finding the best one that would solve your problem in the very best way. So you have to put your best foot forward to make sure that you find the best one that would not make you get tensed at all. You should also get in touch with them as this would help you to get all your queries cleared in the best way. You can find more detailed information when you try to visit

You can get the maximum good services from the best family mediation service UK that would help you to find the right fulfillment. You would also be in a position to really feel glad for being successfully able to find the right one. You can anticipate in finding the maximum satisfaction once you get in touch with them. This would also feel good of your proper choice that would lead get the best services without any worry. You would be able to find that maximum steps are seriously taken to make sure of having a good look at their feedbacks. This step would undoubtedly help you to get the proper fulfillment out of it.

By finding the best family mediation services it would also leads to make it possible for you to stay tensed free as well.  Therefore you do not have to worry at all once you manage to get the ideal one for you that would actually prove be extremely helpful to you in the right manner.


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Get Immediate And Hassle Free Post Accident Treatments with the Right Legal Firm

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Pacific Attorney Group is basically a law firm that operates under the direction of the well known Attorney Payam Shayani, and represents victims of injuries as well as worker’s accidents throughout the greater California. When one or their closed ones are injured or loses life due to of another individual’s wrongful conduct, the attorneys help take action to rebuild life on seeking justice and money required for medical care and more. Pacific Attorney Group has a vast experience of handling injury cases. They represent clients throughout the State and possess the ability to make each and every necessary arrangement for you.

Help With Motorcycle Accident Victims and Truck Accident Injuries

Truck accidents fall among the specialties. Truck accidents are commonly taken for granted to be car accidents, but they in reality have outcomes way more severe than typical crashes. Trucks include heavyweight class of vehicles and that can result in astronomical damages to vehicles, buildings and so on. Truck drivers may be held as accountable for accidents for several reasons.  The Pacific attorney takes a look at the incidents surrounding an accident to determine who is at fault and up to which extent. Motorcycle accidents are among those gruesome accidents. Individuals in such accidents happen to end up with brain damage, paralysis or any other lifelong conditions. Motorcycle accidents can be more simply one individual’s fault, and the legal heads can establish a right for collecting compensations. Individuals can even receive compensation even if they believe that they had a small role in an accident. Pacific attorney permits victims to collect their settlements when they’re half responsible.

The Attorney Group and Solving Car accidents:
When it comes to understanding car accidents, one won’t need a crystal ball for understanding the basics: accidents mostly occur if one or more drivers are negligent in some way or the other. He/she has operated the vehicle in ways which generally obliterate what has been going on outside the interiors of a car. The reasons that divert the driver’s attention and result in accidents are that he/she is texting or a fascinating phone conversation or even a backseat filled with kids. The legal help is needed to help figure whether a settlement is fair or adequate, but they won’t make deals until they have appropriately explained the factors and facts.

How they Group deals with any kind o f car accidents and their outcomes:
The kind of cases that the group settles on behalf of clients includes:

  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • neck, head and spinal injuries
  • organ damage and internal bleeding
  • nerve damage or paralysis

To ensure that you, the clients are well informed about their case, the has a Car Accident FAQ page is maintained that clients claim to be “invaluable.” This FAQ is all about all the frequently asked questions regarding car accident claims, initial consultations, what is to be expected from the legal team. One won’t even have to pay for the initial consult as it is free.

Wrapping up:
Only if you believe that they deserve the best, then you ought to make your choice evident. is aware of the in and outs of law. Furthermore, your experience with any accident-related case is totally unprecedented. If you do not think that an you have a case, they are not going to lie and say you do have a case! When one is in need of someone during the worst situations they have experienced—either due to death or due to injuries resulted from any kind of traffic accident trusting the case to any car accident attorney, in reality, makes no sense. All one simply needs to do is make a phone call to reach the office. The staff is always ready to help you with the very next step.


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Understanding a Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Life

Since the law requests that everybody is pure up until confirmed blameworthy and you represented considerable authority in this field, you need to secure this individual by setting up the best defense there is accessible.

When you’re gotten for scrutinizing, the main thing you need to do is a solicitation for an attorney. On the off chance that you couldn’t bear the cost of one, relax following a state utilized attorney will be assigned to you. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have cash, it is best to enlist a private attorney since they have far superior achievement rates when contrasted with open defenders.

Homicide is one of the hardest things you would ever be charged with. In case you’re busted for the criminal offense, it won’t be well before you will be charged in court for that crime however you could demonstrate your purity with the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer.

You will likewise get a copy of the general population the criminal arraignment will call to the witness stand as they too will likewise be aware of that so there will be no curve balls amid trial.

It’s additionally conceivable to contend defective or temperamental BAC results. The BAC remains for blood liquor test which is regularly used to check if the individual’s liquor sum has gotten to the most astounding point of confinement which makes him or her unsafe drive a vehicle.

The target with this procedure is to get you a not blameworthy decision so you don’t need to invest energy inside the prison. By and by, in the event that you are liable and offered the alternative to create an arrangement, maybe you should accept it.

Living as a criminal defense lawyer is troublesome when your work is real to help the individuals who are captured for a criminal offense. While a portion of the customers you meet are not liable, the majorities of them are liable and have encountered earlier run-ins alongside the law.

As the criminal defense lawyer will do their offer to keep your blamelessness, you ought to likewise do your offer so this can happen. You do this by collaborating alongside them so they will be able to think of a decent defense.

Prior to the trial starts or notwithstanding amid, you can attempt to arrange this matter far from the court. You have the privilege to consent to or turn it down yet you should first discuss this together with your customer.

The best criminal defense lawyer to get is the person who’s accomplished. All things considered, a criminal trial may be weeks or even months before a decision is reached. This may cost you a ton of cash yet in the event that you get a not liable decision from the jury; it is clearly justified, despite all the trouble so you can proceed onward with your life as opposed to spending whatever remains of it in the slammer.

Once a trial date has been set, you can get a duplicate of the archives of the case from the lead prosecutor’s office since legally, both sides should see everything from the police reports to the confirmation.

Here, the criminal indictment will get witnesses, police accounts, and the confirmation. Your criminal defense lawyer may have the chance here to challenge the discoveries and in the event that she or he is fruitful, reasonable uncertainty is accomplished and your odds of getting a not blameworthy decision get to be higher.

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Guidelines On How To Seek Car Accident Injury Compensation

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If you’ve ever been hurt in a car accident and ended up needing medical attention, you have a first-hand experience on how costly such accidents can be both financially and psychologically. Medical care can be expensive and getting compensated for such accidents is imperative. You are going to learn more about car accident injury compensation in this article. We will also talk about how you will be able to get the results that you want out of your auto accident settlement.

When you are hurt in an accident, this could be a very traumatizing time for you. Such accidents usually catch you off-guard because, truthfully speaking, no one anticipates getting involved in an accident. It is generally fast and sudden and can occur at the most inopportune time in your life. So how do you get compensated for such accidents?

There are a couple of things you need to do in case you find yourself in this unfortunate predicament. Before you do anything after the accident, you should ensure that the police have been called to the scene of the crash. The police need to come and get a police report on the accident.

While a police report is going to be something that will help you, you also need to remember that you cannot hinge your car accident injury compensation on a police report. This report is what the police saw after the fact. More often, the report could have errors, and you need to check the police report and have any errors fixed if at all possible.

Photographic and video evidence are very powerful pieces of evidence that can be used to guarantee your compensation. If you can get some photos and video of the accident or even after the accident, your case will be easy to handle because things will be in a much better light. You will be able to stop things from going into a “he-said-she-said” battle.

Figuring out what actually happened can be hard if you did not see it happened. If who was at fault is still at question you may want to speak with a personal injury lawyers in Sydney to ask them for help proving that you were not the one that was at fault. This will allow you to keep out of trouble if you truly were not the one what was at fault.

When you have legal help on your side, you will be able to have an easier time as you try to get your car accident injury compensation. There is no need to worry about money problems since most lawyers operate on a “no-win-no-fee” basis so that you can get the money that is owed to you.

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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Are Ready To Fight For You

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Motorcycle accident injury is very dangerous due to lack of protection for motorcycle drivers. A large number of motorcycle accidents results in serious injuries or a death. Common cause of motor cycle accident is the speed. There are various other causes for motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle accident is treated just like other road accident. Injured or the victim is required to establish that accident was not his fault but it was a third party fault. The law states that every auto should have insurance coverage so that in case of accident and damages the insurer can compensate for the claim.

A personal injury law firm with motorcycle accident experience will have all kinds of resources and information that can help you better understand these types of accidents and get a better outcome from your case. Motorcycle accidents are NOT always the fault of the rider, and there are a lot of different statistics out there to prove that point, among many others. Motorcyclists are three times more likely to be injured in an accident with a passenger vehicle than the people in the vehicle, simply because they are not protected by anything around them. 70% of the motorcycle accidents that occur happen at intersections, which is another thing that’s important to realize. When you are learning about accident law firm resources you should get advice from a Melbourne accident lawyer and you will find all kinds of tips and tools to help you learn about these accidents and what the facts mean for you. When you are out riding, you have to make sure that you are always being cautious and defensive on the roads. Your own carelessness can affect the odds of winning your claim, so you really need to make sure that you are being safe at all times and following the rules for being at the scene of accidents if you are ever involved in a crash.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer plays a vital role in claim settlement. To settle the motorcycle accident claims, the injured or victim needs the legal guidance with proper evidence and witness. Injuries those are caused by motorcycle accidents are of personal injuries. The lawyer makes claims on behalf of the victims. It is necessary to contact the right Motorcycle Accident Lawyer well before the time limit gets finished to file a lawsuit. Selection of right lawyer leads to high compensations and more chances of winning the case and vice versa. On the other hand filing for the lawsuit in time will result in settlement of compensation in time and the victim need not require waiting for the compensation for longer duration.

Search for Motorcycle accident Lawyer from the area where the accident took place as every area has its own accident law to follow. Assistance from lawyers is always recommended. The good Motorcycle accident Lawyers are the practicing lawyers with knowledge of various rule and regulations for filing a lawsuit and in claim settlement. The lawyer make you to understand the case, he file a lawsuit in very legal way and this leads to timely claim settlement and compensation receipt.

It is necessary to contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer as insurance companies prefer to settle the matters outside the court within small time and for lesser amount. Lawyers is the right person to claim for compensation through the appropriate legal proceedings instead of out of court settlement.

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A Delaware Truck Accident Lawyer Will Stand By Your Case

One of the most disturbing times of your life occurs when you are actually involved in an accident that involves a truck. Not only is your vehicle damaged and destroyed, your sense of peace and security is shattered at that time. In fact, most of the victims who find themselves in this type of situation often find themselves bewildered and confused as to what to do. Yes, if you ever find yourself facing this type of situation, call an experienced Delaware personal injury attorney.

You are not advised to be a jack-of-all-trades and try to handle and manage the aftermath of this situation yourself. And, if you were injured brutally, you already have enough to deal with. You actually need to be able to focus your energy on healing and getting control of your life again. Trust me; leave all of the legal stuff up to your truck accident attorney. These professionals are experienced and knowledgeable enough to do what actually needs to be done. They have the capabilities to handle everything from that first phone call to the insurance company all the way to the moment you agree to any settlements or get a judgment ruling in court.

In order to give yourself the best possibilities and the support of the best legal representation, you need to make sure that you hire a truck accident lawyer that makes it his business to take a legitimate interest in all of his clients’ situations and develop a good course of action that will definitely help improve the situation that they have been thrown in. In short, this means that since you are having to deal with injuries and damages from the accident that are costing you money, it is only fair that the party that is quite responsible for this dire situation is held and deemed legally responsible and have to answer for it.

Make sure that a truck accident lawyer you hire is licensed by your state’s bar association and has several years of experience under his belt. This will surely increase your chances of victory and also assists to increase the amount compensation you can seek. I would say that by hiring the time, you are making a stance and showing that you would not be intimidated by the situation. In simple words, it may take you a number of years to feel safe on the road again. What is just a minor incident to a truck operator can be a life-changing situation for you.

It is not wise to make the mistake of assuming that you do not need legal representation if you are involved in a fender bender with a larger truck. Well, even if you are not injured or your car only has a few dents and scrapes, you still need to hire a truck accident lawyer to open a fair claim and handle your case so you are inadvertently penalized or accused of being the cause of that situation. It is a hassle having to deal with insurance firms about the littlest thing and generally if you try to handle things yourself, they can go on much longer than they need too.

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Modern DUI Laws – Don’t Drink and Drive

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Even though the penalties for DUI vary from state to state, the federal government of the United States has mandated that to be considered legally intoxicated, your blood alcohol level (BAC) must be .08 or higher. For those under the age of 21, or those who drive commercial trucks or vehicles, this level could be lower – .06 or less. It means that if you fail a sobriety test, you could face hefty fines, time in jail, have your license suspended, and have a DUI on your permanent driving record.

The fines and other penalties you face are dependants on some factors, which is what makes DUI laws so complicated. Only a DUI attorney will be able to help you through the legal process.

Why Are DUI Laws So Complex?

Even though the federal government has issued a standard level of intoxication, states still have the right to charge you with driving under the influence even if you BAC levelly is lower. Other factors that contribute to state DUI laws include:

* Causing an accident while driving under the influence
* Speeding while intoxicated
* Driving under the influence with minors in the vehicle
* Number of DUI offenses one has on their record
* Amount of time between each offense
* Other crimes committed
* Age of the driver
* If a death occurred as a result of driving while intoxicated

As you can see, many factors help dictate the charges you will face if you are stopped by law enforcement while driving under the influence.

What Should I Do If Facing DUI Charges And I Am Subject To Penalty
According To DUI Laws?

The first step is to hire a DUI law attorney in your area. From Tennessee? Hire a dui attorney in Mt. Juliet, TN. Your attorney will be able to evaluate your case and determine the proper course of action. The second step is to comply with all state regulations. This may mean surrendering your license, adhering to the rules of house arrest, or attending all required court dates. If you’re asked to attend driver’s education or enter into a rehab program, you should consider making all efforts possible to show the court that you are trying to change your behavior.

If you’re from out of state, hire an attorney who works in the state where you’re being charged as they will know more about the local law than a lawyer from your state of origin.

If you feel these charges are inaccurate, your attorney may be able to get them reduced. Because there are so many factors that dictate state DUI laws, your fines may be reduced, or you may not have to spend time in jail if this is your first offense or it is found that the sobriety testing was administered incorrectly.

Learn More About DUI Laws

Visit your state’s website to learn more about DUI laws that are unique to your state and region. Many times, counties, towns, and providences within a state have their DUI laws when it comes to driving while intoxicated.

You can also search online for federal government sites that can provide additional information. Look for resources that are updated as state DUI laws change often to reflect how many people are charged with DUI each year and how many repeat offenders there are as well. Some states have made the charges of driving under the influence a more serious offense due to an increase in death and repeat instances of drunk driving.

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Legal Separation vs. Divorce in California

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Not every struggling marriage winds up in divorce. When a married couple wants to separate but feels as though the marriage can still be saved; or wants to remain married for religious, financial, or health reasons they can petition the court to be granted a legal separation, rather than a divorce.

A legal separation is a court order stating that the current state of affairs of your marital relationship causes it to be impossible for you and your spouse to cohabitate, hence, you will live separately but leave your marriage intact.

Overall, a legal separation and a divorce in are essentially the same thing but with a few very significant differences. What follows is an overview of the main differences between a legal separation and a divorce in California.

The Differences Between Legal Separation and Divorce in California

The most important difference between a legal separation and a divorce in California is the fact that with a legal separation, your marriage is not dissolved. This means that you will continue to be lawfully married and will be unable to re-marry until such time as you actually divorce. Consult Damian Nolan – Family Law Attorneys, Long Beach for more information and professional assistance,

Another significant difference is the fact that, contrary to a divorce, a legal separation is not a final order and if at any time while legally separated you decide that you want to resume married life, you can file a motion to have the separation dismissed. Likewise, if at any time during the separation either of you feels that your differences are irreconcilable, you may file for divorce.

The Similarities Between Separation and Divorce in California

Legal separation and divorce in California are much the same considering that they share similar filing requirements and both entail dividing assets between the spouses, as well as, determining how child custody will be allocated and the amount of child support and/or alimony to be paid.

In addition, the grounds upon which a legal separation may be granted in California are identical to grounds upon which a divorce may be granted, namely:

  1. Incompatibility
  2. Lack of cohabitation for at least one year
  3. Insanity for a period of two years

One final difference between a legal separation and a divorce in California is the fact that couples who desire a legal separation are not required to satisfy any residency requirement or waiting period and may be granted a legal separation in only a few weeks from the day that the petition was filed.


To summarize the primary difference between a legal separation and a divorce in California is that a legal separation will allow you to live separately but remain lawfully married. You will receive all of the advantages (and disadvantages) of a being divorced, without your marriage being dissolved. This may afford you and your spouse the time and space to address your differences and to determine whether or not a divorce is in your family’s best interest.

An attorney who is well-acquainted with California family law will be able to further advise you on the legal requirements for obtaining a legal separation and the benefits thereof.

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